Soft Cleaner - Free and Pro

Soft Cleaner is designed to optimize and speed up your PC in ease (License: Free). By Soft Cleaner powerful ready system optimization in one tap, you can see maximum system performance as well as cleaning of browsing history. So that too, you can feel free a better smooth browsing and side long programs 100% peak performance. It is easy for normal PC users, home, offices and for software developers. Easy to work. High speed analysis and cleaning standard. Always deliver a better to better version.

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Cleaner Cleaner Cleaner

Inbuilt optimize, speed up and clean can bring you an attractive to do Live Analysis and Soft Clean easily. Tap a single CPanel task, the inbuilt system automatically decides to do the set of functions inside accurately. So that each and every Soft Cleaner users can have better system performance than before and so on. The below YouTube video describes how to optimize and speed up PC with a single tap. No other side by side requirements persist.

Clean internet history of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, UC Browser, Chromium, Safari. After Soft Cleaner system task, you can directly access any of the programs or files that perform a slow performance before. Yes, it depends on the speed up process about the PC. And note the point that Soft Cleaner delivers peak performance for your PC. Don’t forget, the maximum speed of your PC. Not only speed up slow PC but also speed up the present system status.

Another advantages rests in Soft Cleaner is a dedicated file searching utility and virus cleaner. Using file searching utility named as Multi - FilesSearch. It responds quickly with very accurate results as per the keywords that you proposed to search. The capacity of this searching mechanism belongs to search up to 10 different file types at a time or just a single tap. Like, put different file names separated with a comma in the searching field and tap on ‘Live Analysis’, only one tap. The results you can directly see in the created notepad on desktop. From that Search path, you can access it.

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Virus Cleaner is created for clean some sticky or virus files which already consuming more memory or unusable status. Note that Soft Cleaner cannot scan it as a virus file or unusable. You have to specify that types of files one by one in the created notepad on desktop and understand about those files not a part of system. Then only it considers as virus or sticky files to clean.

These are the strong utility advantages as a part of Soft Cleaner (License: Free). In (License: Pro) versions entirely different from free. Advantages of Free cannot roam in Pro and vice versa like reduces system crashes and something smooth differences.