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            Soft Cleaner for speed your PC

Soft-Cleaner Speed PC

System Requirement

Operating System: Windows XP-SP2/SP3, Vista, Windows 7/8/10, 32/64. 

Soft eACleaner

  'Live Analysis' Soft Clean ' SYSTEM' in detail 

  Soft Cleaner is a free software (License: Free) 

  PC OPTIMIZE AND SPEED UP  UTILITY. Safely cleaning                  internet history and privacy carrier traces in a fast method. Deep            scanning of files and cleaning the unused junks results your PC to        work smooth long time. You can protect the privacy of online              traces more easier and faster. Configured with an 'Auto Option'            object for standard cleaning of unused files at a glance. 

   Instant & sustained PC boost* - Optimize memory - High                      performance PC

  ✓ Temporary Internet files, cookies, history created by programs 

   Windows error reporting, random logs and more

   Windows media player temporary files, MS office recent

   Instant optimize real system performance, Automation, HDD Long        life* 

  ✓ Non-using prefetch files history, high speed analyze  

  ✓ Microsoft management console, Reduces system crashing issues*

   Autocomplete history, Visual Studio and unwanted traces,                    Reduces inaccurate responses of mouse, keyboard, software

  ✓ Recent documents history, recycle bin, macromedia flash temp 

   Only one fastest powerful tool speed up extends 400% slow PC            saves time 

   Strongly keeps your PC health more smart, better and smooth              ever 

   Automated configured cleaner, one touch optimize and clean 

   Obsolete files, Recycle Bin, Memory dumps, Clipboard and more 

   Fast Privacy Trash Utility method saves your time for easy and            fast processing

   Easy to use, Friendly simple gui, speed up system resources, for          games PCs


   Have fastest browsing- Clean cache, history, cookies,                          session,typed/download history - Internet Explorer, Chrome,                Firefox, Opera, Safari, Vivaldi, UC Browser, Chromium


   Include Everything: From Slow to Speed PC - Integrated Optimization

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