Update Version: 4.2018.10.1

System Requirement
Operating System: Windows XP-SP2/SP3, Vista, Windows 7/8/10, 32/64.

'Live Analysis' Soft Clean ' SYSTEM' in detail 
Powerful PC Optimize and Speed up Utility. Optimize PC                      performance for creating your smoothest and ever fastest working      environment. High powerful cleaner. Instant PC boost. Inbuilt PC        optimization process. Energize entire system resources. Clean              temporary internet cache files about major browsers. Secure your        internet privacy. Simple interface and easy to use. Easy to clean          junk entries and speed up your PC without time taking tasks. Forget    about system hangs. Forget about slow speed or high PC loads            matters. Soft Cleaner delivers a powerful PC optimize, speed up and    clean up standards with just a tap. Start Soft Cleaner to speed your      PC and and smart your work.

 PC Optimize and Speed up Utility, Protect Your PC

• Secure Internet Privacy, Optimize Real System Performance

• Instant PC boost, HDD Long Life*, Integrated Smart System*

Validate Slow Responding Peripherals

 Balances Unneeded PC Memory Loads and Fastest Response

 Automated Configured Cleaner, One Touch Optimize, Clean

• Fast Privacy Trash Utility, Speedway Your Browsing Habit

• Energize Entire System Resources, Inbuilt Optimize - Speed up - High Powerful System Cleaner with Soft Clean Process

 Easy of Access, Friendly simple GUI, for gaming PC

 Clean Internet Cache - Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera,  Safari, Vivaldi, UC Browser, Chromium

• PC Optimize - Speed up  BASE: Mandatory Highest Level Optimization Depends Processor, RAM Speed, Optimize Data Access Speed, Inbuilt System

• Multi - FilesSearch - Search Multiple Files, Disordered Named Files  

Virus Cleaner - Clean Numerous Sticky Virus Files

                                                                                                                         BUY loginTimer from Digital River

Advanced files search tool: Multi - FilesSearch

Powerful search up to ten different types of files at a time from your PC or drive. High speed search filter. Case sensitive search analysis. The file names and path will be stored on your desktop. Easiest than easy search of your favorite files if you forgot actual file names. Multi  FilesSearch searches exact files and the very near matches on your desktop as per keywords. Catches exact file with what you say. 


Example 1: bmp, 2018, internet, system dotnet, photo, *.png, java runtime, memory, *.jpg, service

Example 2: 18 2018, png, photo

Example 3: search , multiple host

Search Path: C:\


Sensitive: High powerful filtered search for a single exact or filtered files on your desktop. Point to point filter of search keywords combination. Case sensitive search than Multi - FilesSearch. Sensitive search to catch particular original files with exact similar matches.


Example 1: search host 

Example 2: Aero, dll, lite

Example 3: lite  aero  dll

Search Path: C:\


Multi - FilesSearch fastest and sensitive analysis from your keyword never miss your favorite files which hidden anywhere.


System Requirement:

Operating system: Windows XP-SP2/SP3, Vista, Windows 7/8/10, 32/64 bit.

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