Multiple Files Search - Soft Cleaner Multi - FilesSearch Tool

Are you searching files and photos regularly in drives? Are you wanted to search different files at a time? Files setup already in alphabetical disordered names?

Here is the solution via Multi – FilesSearch topic from Soft Cleaner, which search multiple files at a time. No matter whether it is in disordered name created before or any difficulty to search in an easy way.

The simplest solution from Multi - FilesSearch is for catching your files or photos very easily as per the keywords you given. It will search and catch the similar keywords matching files without losing the near ones.

Search two modes in Multi - FilesSearch. One is searching multiple files at a time and second is Sensitive search for one particular file at a time.

Searching up to different ten files you can catch from thousands or more from your stored files.

Easy, case sensitive and very speed search mechanism. To search multiple files follow this scenario file name1, file name2, *.jpg, hello.txt, myphotos2018a1, 2018 a1, mydocument.doc, document, privatefiles1.pdf. Its easy not needed any criteria like any symbols, means whatever you can write as keyword.

In Sensitive search you can search the exact one file by providing the keywords. If you know some words are included in that file name. If you remember you can simply provide that names as keywords to search in Sensitive or you can provide similar or near names. As name suggests its search method is very case Sensitive and accurate results.

See the FAQ instructions to apply in easy.